BAFTA’s – Helen’s Winners and Losers

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2009 was a miserable year economically and 2010 doesn’t seem to be shaping up to be much better. Luckily, us mere mortals still can revel in the glamour of awards ceremonies – like the BAFTAs!!

If you’re looking to recreate some red carpet glamour but don’t have a deep enough wallet, I’ve found this red maxi dress from Goddiva. No promises on whether the dress suits all figures as when you buy cheaper clothes, you know that you are taking a gamble on the fabric and the precise cut – will it suit your unique figure?


Kimberley Walsh

Kimberley Walsh, Girls Aloud singer made a fashion clanger in my eyes. She had what was potentially a very eye-catching and lovely dress, she turned it into a calamitous ensemble with that strange fluffy thing draped over her shoulders.

The result?

Fashion critics saying she looked like a lampshade!

The dress undoubtedly took some poor soul hours to make, but the end effect was fussy. You can’t possibly be overstated at the BAFTAs, this is as high end as celebrity fashion goes! The ordinary people like you and me would look positively overdressed at a ball in a dress like this. Kimberley’s choice was a brave one, I just feel she didn’t quite pull it off. Commiserations.


Joely Richardson

Joely Richardson certainly should know a thing or two about pure Hollywood glamour! Born of the Redgrave acting dynasty, I expect she and members have her family have been down the red carpet more than anyone! Joely’s dark blue dress is perfect for the BAFTAs, a beautiful dark blue that shimmers when the light catches it. The fabric clinics in all the right places showing off her shapely silhouette.

Because of the ‘bling’ on her shoulders, she doesn’t need a necklace so she can show off her enviable decolletage. Here is one actress who is hanging on to her looks very well and does not appear to be overdoing cosmetic treatments, unlike Angelina Jolie who despite being 10 years her junior, has become scrawny, sinewy and frankly, a little strange to look at.

If you’re looking to recreate Joely Richardson’s glamourous look on a smaller scale, check out Max Studio UK for designer dresses. There are still some sale items left!

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Dress to add to my wishlist

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I’ve been having a look around for designer dresses as I’m looking for some lovely additions to my 2010 wardrobe.

I’ve come across this gorgeous little dress from Max Studio UK.

Yes, it is £150 but the details are just wonderful. The dress is made of silk chiffon and would skim any girl’s curves beautifully. The beading around the neck really draws the eye in and I can’t wait to try it on!

I’m really excited about this dress because I can see me wearing it out for an evening event I have to go to with Hubby next month. I’ve got a sequinned blazer and some fab diamante drop earrings that should make me look like a million dollars!

There are loads of other new items on the website that look like they will be absolute must-haves so I’ll keep you updated on my clothes lust!

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Colour in dress? Whatever next?!

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The dress in versatile... but a bit strange...

A new dress by designer fashion designer Berber Soepboer and graphic designer Michiel Schuurman has been a talking point in the office today.

Priced at £250, the dress is effectively a ‘paint by numbers’ exercise. Wearers can colour in the spaces and change the look of their dress when they feel like it.

The dress is a great shape and should be flattering for pear-shaped girls, provide a bit of shape for skinny girls and hold in girls who are carrying a little bit of extra weight.

Whilst this is an imaginative and creative way of letting fashion lovers make their dress unique, I can’t help but feel that after a couple of wears, you’ll get bored of colouring the bits in and the dress will look really cheap and tacky!

The girls in the office agree, this dress is a lot of money for most ‘normal’ people so when you’re spending 1/4 of your month’s wages on one item of clothing, you want something beautiful – and complete!

The colour is on-trend and the shape is flattering for most – perfect!
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Jazz up winter outfits with make up

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This is a coat. Fashionistas and normal people alike all wear coats in the winter as the cold weather dictates that if one wishes to not develop hypothermia, one ought to wear a coat. Whilst the model in the picture looks unconcerned about the temperature, in the real world, she would have the buttons done up if she were shopping on a cold Saturday afternoon.

Luckily, the model is wearing a wool coat from Max Studio. The coat is made from heavy wool and is also fully lined so keeping warm is not a problem. But girls who like to stay stylish in the winter often run into the same problem time and again – how can you jazz up a coat and dazzle whilst in a crowd of people?

There are three answers to this:

  • Choose a garish colour coat. The danger with this is that it doesn’t really match any of your other clothes if you decide to undo the buttons but not take the item off once you go indoors. On second thoughts, maybe this isn’t such a great idea!
  • You could wear  a brooch. Brooches are no longer for grannies and elderly aunts but costume jewellery appears to have become the surprise fashion accessory of the late noughties
  • Wear make up that  makes a statement by choosing bright lippies or eye shadows

Personally, I go for choosing more distinct looks in the winter to stand out from everybody else!

How to put on red lipstick successfully

  • Put all your other make up on first. If you are opting for bright lips, make sure your eye make up is understated (unless you want to look like an extra from Moulin Rouge!)  Keep eye make up to mascara and a tiny bit of eyeliner on the inside of your eye lid.
  • Even out skin tone with a lovely light foundation (I like No7 and the Body Shop’s effort) and using a sponge, lightly brush it over your lips too to form a base. If you put some loose powder over the foundation, keep it light otherwise you will literally look caked in make up.
  • From the cupid’s bow at the top of your lips, apply lip liner that is the same or similar colour to your lip stick around the natural edge of your lips. Don’t try and make your lips look bigger by drawing on the outside of your lips as you will look ridiculous.
  • Apply a moisture-rich red lippie (I like Rimmel’s ‘Alarm’ as it is so, so bright!)
  • If you have a ‘setting’ lip gloss to keep the colour in place, by all means, feel free to use it. Clear gloss can make lips look stunning but can spread across your face easily.

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Ladies boots – a wardrobe staple!

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Knee-high boots are fantastic for the colder days

Now that we are truly into autumn and moving into winter, all ladies out there need to consider their daily footwear choices.

Sandals are no longer suitable for keeping your tootsies warm and cosy but you still need something you can wear with literally anything. The answer is of course, knee-high boots.

I’ve found a gorgeous pair of knee-high boots from Max Studio. They’re not cheap at £175 but they really are an investment piece that you will be able to wear for years to come. Absolutely exquisite, they are going on my Christmas list!

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What do you buy as Christmas Presents?

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Some women think that men only find them sexy when they’re dressed up to the nines. Actually, many men find women more attractive when they’re wearing no make up and sat in pajamas. Don’t underestimate how attractive cute is ladies!

This is why I was really thrilled to see that LaSenza have £30 pairs of pajamas on offer – buy two pairs for £20!!! Absolute bargain! I’ll be buying a couple of pairs as Christmas presents!

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Luella isn’t gone yet!

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Luella Bartley

Luella at 2006 Elle Style Awards

Fashionistas took in a deep breath when the news broke that the fashion label Luella had not found a financial backer for them to continue trading after their contract ended with Club 21. However, not one to be beaten by a little adversity, designer Luella Bartley has been reported to be continuing her search for a backer.

I really hope that Luella finds a backer, other than this set back, she seems to have a golden touch. Her ‘Gisele’ bag for Mulberry revived their fortunes and a number of celebrities are big fans of her work. From the young and beautiful like Keira Knightley and Cheryl Cole to the experienced Hollywood elite like Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchett, even royalty have worn Luella Bartley’s collections.

Named designer of the year in November 2008, a lot has changed for the Luella brand in a year. Her work is feminine, yet holds on to a degree of quirky attitude that is rarely seen elsewhere but is rather unfortunately quite pricey to the average woman. News websites have made it clear that she is a victim of the recession rather than a victim of mismanagement. However it happened, I can’t help but be disappointed.


In the meantime, I’m going to console myself by browsing for a classically beautiful designer dress for the work’s Christmas party.

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What do you want for Christmas?

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Discussions in the office I work in are often lively to say the least! Anyway, today we all got chatting about what we would like our partners to buy us for Christmas and a colleague of mine said she would like Tumescent Liposuction. Now, for those not ‘in the know’, tumescent liposuction is basically injections administered into problem fatty areas and they dissolve fat. It takes about 10 minutes and is hailed as a miracle by women too busy to take time off work for traditional liposuction that is rather aggressive to say the least!

Generally, the men in the office were horrified at the idea, believing that if they were to buy such a daring present for the ‘missus’ they might find themselves single on Boxing Day.

So I want to know what YOU think. Would you be happy to be given a cosmetic treatment as a Christmas present?

Would you be happy if someone bought you a cosmetic treatment as a Christmas present?




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X Factor Fashion!

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The UK has been gripped by the X Factor every Saturday and Sunday nigh for the last five weeks – and we have another seven weeks to go until the eventual winner of the TV show is announced.

On Saturday (7th November), Lucie was ejected by Simon’s decision to go to deadlock. This happens when the judges can’t agree who should leave the competition so the contestant evicted is the person who received the lowest amount of public votes. John and Edward have been consistently blasted for being completely unable to sing or dance and Simon has been very vocal about his disdain for the Irish duo. However, viewers were baffled when instead of saving the very talented and beautiful Lucie Jones, Simon chose to go to deadlock and let the public decide yet again this week. At the time of publication of this blog, 50 complaints had been made to OFCOM, with more expected to be registered over the coming week.

As soon as the result was announced, the Twitter community was once again swamped by #XFactor talk. One twitterer said, “If Simon Cowell ever says ‘this is a singing competition’ again he should be taken to court under the trade description act.”

Lucie’s shock exit overshadowed (to me at least) Stacey Solomon’s new sexy look. Donning wet look leggings, skyscraper heels and a shiny top with a black cardigan slung suggestively over her shoulders, Stacey was transformed from overwhelmed single mum from Dagenham to a polished pop star.

Can this look be translated to normal people? I think yes!The general opinion seems to be that wet-look leggings are mainly for younger women and I must admit that I am inclined to agree. Women who are less daring can stick to more sensible cotton fabrics to stay on trend. Her outfit as a whole is not necessarily one you might want to adopt unless you want lots of attention on a night out but elements can certainly be adapted for every day wear, such as wearing a long cardigan on one shoulder for example.

Normal people wanting to imitate this look might also wish to consider wearing a longer t-shirt. Most fashion authorities seems to agree that in the real world, your top should cover your bottom and the very top of your thighs to avoid showing off the legging sagging slightly in the crotch area… definitely not a good look!

See the video of Stacey’s performance here:


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My thoughts and observations on the autumn 2009 fashions

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The Autumn 2009 Range

There is a theory that fashion tends to reflect the current economic situation, so when times are good, skirt hemlines are shorter and when economic times are bad, skirts become longer. It seems simple enough and possibly even plausible! Of course, every theory has its detractors so with the recession taking hold and unemployment reaching an all-time high, this autumn’s trends were always going to be the ‘one to watch’ for fashionistas and economists alike. Funnily enough, skirt length doesn’t appear to have featured this season, the structure and texture of skirts is actually what is important this season.

This autumn, there appears to be four major themes running through the fashion houses:

Shoulder Pads

We’ve seen them on the fashion elite, Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss and they’ve filtered down from the catwalk and into the high street. It is easy to be vulgar and apply every trend to your outfit but try to hold back! True style comes from not about jumping on every seasons fashion bandwagon, you need to add your own personal touch otherwise you go from stylish to a fashion horror.


Textures are extremely important this season and this has been injected into Max Studio – a luxury high street brand. The the feel of a material is paramount to designers and consumers alike and this is where texture comes into play this season. If you love the feel of a material against your skin, you’re going to love wearing your purchase. Take a look at this embroidered lace top by Max Studio.  The detail is exquisite yet bang on trend.

Cinched waists

Feminine shape is still big news this season. Whilst the cinched in waist is still a feature this season, it is not as harsh as previous seasons. The androgynous look is firmly back so to avoid being overly masculine, make a feature of lovely feminine waists.


This season, being stylish is all about having an impact! Berry colours (and purple in particular) are THE colours of Autumn 2009. Stand out from the crowd with large pieces of jewellery, quirky shoes or structured overcoats. Many shops, particularly cheaper shops like Primark have jumped onto sequinned items with a surprising vigour and this is an easy way of updating the investment pieces in your wardrobe like black trousers.

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